Brand stories and conversion teardowns are some of the most popular pieces of content on our blog. But we have some guidelines specific to these posts, in order to help make them super relevant to ConvertFlow's audience.


  1. What is a conversion teardown?
  2. What we're looking for
  3. Choosing a company to study

What is a conversion teardown?

A conversion teardown is simply a case study of a successful ecommerce brand, breaking down:

  1. What tools, strategies, tactics, and ideas they use to convert website visitors into leads and customers.
  2. Why these things work.

Here are two example posts we've already done:

What we're looking for

1. Conversion stories

ConvertFlow is a conversion tool. So while we understand that there are multiple factors that go into an ecommerce brand's success, readers of our blog expect us to talk about website conversion ideas, tactics, strategies, etc.

We love stories about how brands are driving more revenue from their website traffic.

For the brand you want to feature think about how their marketing tactics are improving core business metrics that correlate to growing revenue, like: